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Who does not admire and secretly long for radiant and smooth skin? And what about that alluring Angelina Jolie pout? With a little effort, you can have amazing lips, ready to set the world on fire. However, in order to do so, you need to start at the basics: Exfoliating and moisturizing your lips regularly.  D Benoit Cosmetics, with its fascinating range of products, aims to make your lips sweeter and smoother.

There is nothing more awful than chapped lips smeared with uneven lipstick. The situation becomes even worse when it comes to the application of natural and nude warm tones because your broken skin shows underneath the translucent colors. In order to have smooth, soft lips, you need to pamper your lips with a quality lip scrub. A proper, good quality scrub can boost your pucker and give you perfectly smooth, juicy lips that you have always dreamed of.

Let’s have a look at a few benefits of using a lip scrub before application of any other lip products so as to have a silky, smooth pout.


The use of a lip scrub gives your lips a perfectly moisturized, serene look. It provides a smooth base to conveniently apply your lip paint with absolute confidence. The idea is especially well-suited for natural, nude lip shades that reflect the texture of your lips.


The lip scrub allows lip glazer and other lip products to deliver optimum results. Smooth lips guarantee you an unmatchable gleam and glow once you are done with the application of a lip glaze.


The lip scrub allows your applied lip paint to stay longer. This implies you get to enjoy the finesse of your sweet painted lips for a longer time, making your outing hassle-free whereby you don’t need to refresh your lipstick again and again.


The regular use of lip scrub ensures naturally smooth, refined lips that you can carry with confidence and style even without application of any lip product. It is important to include lip care and maintenance regime in your daily beauty routine so as to have healthy, beautiful lips. If you have smooth lips, you can just finish off your look with a soft spread of a nude lip balm and rock it.

D Benoit Cosmetics, with its range of exciting and effective products, can help you resolve your lips problems with utmost comfort and ease. SUGAR POUTS by D Benoit is an exclusive range of lip scrubs featuring four distinct flavors including:


Chocolate Indulgence: As it is well said, ‘forget love; let’s fall in chocolate’. Why not add this magical flavor to your beauty staples? D Benoit Cosmetics understands your urge and presents you Chocolate Indulgence Lip Scrub. Simply irresistible!

Strawberry Tarte: Lips sweet as luscious strawberries, dripping in soft berry red... With D Benoits Strawberry Tarte flavored lip scrub, add the perfect scent and flavor of strawberries to your lips and have a sugary, velvety pout.

Just Watermelon: Experience the fresh, juicy luxury of watermelon. Let’s try D Benoit’s Just Watermelon lip scrub. You will definitely feel the season’s novelty as the freshness of watermelon imbibes in your lips.

French Buttercream: To dig into the delectable French Buttercream extravagance, try D Benoit’s French Buttercream lip scrub and say goodbye to flaky, chapped lips while enjoying the exquisite aroma of French Buttercream.

In addition the brand also offers irresistible Matte Lip Créme,Lux Lip Créme, Lip glaze and signature Lipstick collection. So select from the scrumptiously moisturized range of lip scrubs and other lip enhancing and caring staples for yourself and carry your style with confidence. Happy Pouting!


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  • Posted On June 02, 2016 by JEWEL

    Yes! I do this routine all the time! I could tell the difference after the very FIRST use! It’s so amazing and tastes OMG SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING. I’ve been a huge fan of dbenoit cosmetics for a good while now and I can say , you guys are very legit and I can’t wait to order more. Maybe one day we’ll do business together. Keep up the great work!

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